Customer Service Policy


Treat customers in a personalized polite and warm manner Ask relevant questions to
fully comprehend customer’s requirements Bring forth an immediate implementable
solution for the customer Enquire about and sort out any problems or concerns Ensure
your availability to see to customer’s future needs Realize customer satisfaction.



Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with a quality experience, meeting or exceeding
your expectations, with every experience you have with us. We want your experience
with us to be so pleasant that you are eager to refer us to others.
We view the opportunity to serve you as a privilege. We operate in a competitive
environment and understand that you have options. As employees, one of the greatest
rewards that we experience at work is a kind and appreciative comment from a customer.
The quality of your experience is proportional to the quality of our efforts. As such, we
view our relationship with you as a shared experience.



Our staff are committed to promoting the visions and values of our organization and to
delivering the standards contained in this policy.



  • To us, the safety and security of our passengers and clients is of paramount importance.
  • To ensure that all public contact with Happy Trip, from hearing about our work to
  • travelling with us, is met with the highest standards.

To provide clear and efficient lines of communications to all.

  • To provide accurate information and promotional material about our work and to

publicise and market our work to the widest possible audience.

  • To be active in the promotion of customer feedback, listen and respond accordingly

and monitor standards.

  • To encourage customers and the local community to enjoy a closer relationship with

Happy Trip.

  • To provide suitable and adequate staff training.
  • To exceed customers’ expectations and encourage their return to Happy Trip.
  • To be an example within the arts for excellent customer care.



Up-to- date, Unbiased Information and Advice

The information about Dubai travel that we provide will be as up-to- date, accurate and
objective as we can make it. Also, it will be completely honest. If something isn’t as good
as it should be, we’ll tell you – we don’t want you to be disappointed. If you want very
specific information, we’ll try to find it for you.

Close Contact and Quick Response

From the first time you contact Happy Trip until your arrival to your destination, we’ll be
on hand every day to provide information or respond to your queries.
Our standard practice is to immediately answer phones, and reply to e-mails within a day.
If it's a complicated matter, we’ll respond immediately to tell you how long it will take.
Throughout your stay in Dubai, you’ll be able to contact our head office in the city from
early to late, Saturday to Thursday.
Fair Prices with No Hidden Extras
We apply a standard margin to all our tours. The amount we add is calculated to cover
our costs and generate a modest profit. This applies to the agreed itinerary only.
If you ask us to make hotel or flight bookings only, the prices we quote will always be
competitive and fully inclusive of all taxes and service – no hidden extra. If you want to
visit workshops or commercial outlets, there will be no obligation or pressure for you to
buy anything – we don’t make deals to receive commission.



If you wish to contact Happy Trip regarding matters about the service the company
provides you should, in the first instance, contact the relevant branch either by phone or
email. Contact information for all branches is available on Happy Trip
Happy Trip main office in Dubai is reachable on the telephone number +97142940083
and calls will be directed to the relevant person.
Alternatively, please contact by e-mail at:
Or visit our main Office in KFC Building, 2nd Floor Al Rigga Road

Near Al Rigga Metro Station, Deira, Dubai, UAE.
Should your experience with Happy Trip meet or exceed your expectations, then
please, let us know about it on our official website (, post on our
social media profiles, and share your comments with others.
If your experience with us has not met your expectations, then please let us know. While
we work hard to ensure that you are happy, we may occasionally fall short. If we do, then
we ask that you let us know about it, and give us an opportunity to make it right. We hope
you find this to be a fair approach.



Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services efficiently,
courteously and to a high standard, we accept that complaints may be made. A complaint
is a valid expression of dissatisfaction and however it is made, by email, telephone or
verbally, we will investigate it and use it as a means to improve our standards of service.
If at any time during your experience with us, you are not happy with the levels of service
weprovide you, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to resolve your
complaint straight away so your experience is an enjoyable one.

You can register your complaint in person, by telephoning the company or by e-mail. All
e-mailed complaints will be dealt with by our General Manager or the person they feel
can best respond to your concerns. We will acknowledge all e-mailed complaints within 5
days of receiving the message, at which point your complaint will be investigated.
Any action taken that will affect members of staff as a result of a customer complaint will
be conveyed to all concerned before a response is given to the customer.



Our website enables you to create your own account, from which you would be able to
browse and book packages. On our website, the font is scalable, and its size is
determined by the settings of your browser. You can check this setting by selecting Text
size in the View drop-down menu of your browser toolbar. The setting should be
Medium for a normal text size resolution. There is guidance for resizing font when using
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Our website is



If you send us a request for information, an itinerary, or a booking, we’ll assume you’re
willing to provide the personal information that we require to design and manage your
holiday or tour.
When processing your booking, our staff will ask for your personal details, passport copy,
personal photographs, e-mail address, and more documents depending on your request.

Some of this information (your e-mail) may be used to keep you informed of forthcoming
packages and special offers. If you do not wish your details to be used in any of these
ways, please inform the staff when booking. If you book online through the website, you
will be given the opportunity to opt in to receiving information from us via e-mail. You may
also specify that you do not wish to receive the e-mails.



Happy Trip has an Equal Opportunities and Inclusive Recruitment policy which is
adhered to throughout the recruitment process. All applicants are offered the same
respect and courtesy as all other customers, whilst ensuring high levels of discretion and



Happy Trip is committed to ongoing training for all members of staff in inclusivity
awareness, health and safety and customer care. We believe that well informed staff will
deal with customer enquiries quickly and efficiently. Regular interdepartmental meetings,
email and strong lines of communication ensure that staff are kept up to date at all times.



Happy Trip has a team dedicated to ensuring the continuing quality of our customer care.
That includes regular employees and the specialized managers themselves, who meet at
regular intervals to discuss and review Happy Trip commitment to its customers.



This policy exists to achieve service excellence to Customers. If anyone has a
question about the policy, or if the purpose of a policy is not understood, an explanation
should be provided by the responsible team at Happy Trip.
Should any changes to this policy be necessary, they will be posted on this page.
We’re glad you chose Happy Trip and we look forward to a long and mutually
beneficial relationship.
Thank you for being our customer!
The Happy Trip Team
To us, the safety and security of our passengers and clients is of paramount importance!

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